DEBBIE RAY was formed in Sweden in the small town Herrljunga right outside Gothenburg in 2005 by Reine Heyer, Andy Heleander, H-Can Strind and Manx Tummalid.
The members had previously played together in various constellations. Reine and Andy in the relatively known band Plan 9 that, among other things, toured Europe with 80’s rockers Faster Pussycat. H-Can came from the Gothenburg heavy metal band IronWare.

Inspired by classic bands like Motley Crue, Skid Row, Guns n Roses, Backyard Babies and Pantera, the experienced guys in DEBBIE RAY knew exactly in which direction to take their sound.

In 2008 DEBBIE RAY were signed by the  American label Demon Doll records, and the album Artificial Misery  was released in North America in november 2009, and recieved a fantastic reviews.


In march 2010, Artificial Misery was released by Coreshot Productions worldwide. Coreshot Productions was managed by Martin Söderqvist,  the lead singer and guitarist of Gothenburg metal band Hostile Cell and The Torch. Martin also played bass with DEBBIE RAY for a period of time after Manx decided to leave the band.


In 2012 DEBBIE RAY released the 3 track EP Rock n Roll Widow and soon after that they decided to put the band on ice for a while...


H-Can started to play drums with bands like One Without, (who toured Europe opening for Dead by April) Agaze and We are the Catalyst. 

Reine and Andreas continued to write songs together and soon they had about 20 good song ideas and decided to release them as singles with DEBBIE RAY.


The singles Slave to the system, Find Myself, Beautiful Monday and American Nightmare were released during 2014-2015.


And now 12 songs are ready for our upcoming album to make people Rock, Sing, Dance, Sweat, Laught, Cry....!!